4-year olds


4-year olds vary hugely. Some will schuss black runs. Some will sit down and cry. Most can learn to go up the baby pomas on the nursery slopes and the basics of skiing.


If your child is not going to ski, please see our Childcare page for a full list of childcare companies in Val d'Isère.


If your child is going to ski, getting a good instructor is the secret to a successful holiday. There are comprehensive descriptions of all Val d'Isère's ski schools under the Ski school heading on this website. Contact the ski schools as early as possible to be sure of a place in the right class or, if you are reserving a private instructor, to get their best person. Fiona Easdale in our UK office knows a number of excellent teachers.


Lessons will only last about two hours each day, so unless parents of small children have help, most of their holiday will be devoted to child-minding.


Ski lessons must be booked in advance.

The Village d’Enfants, Val d’Isère’s skiing kindergarten (0033 479 40 09 81), is right on the nursery slopes, where the buses turn. It looks after children, all nationalities, aged 18 months to 13 years while they aren’t actually skiing. See our Childcare page for full details.


YSE child discount: 

Children aged 2-12: £50 off per week in standard beds.