Bigger children


Bigger children, once they’ve turned 5, are much easier. They can now cope with a whole day on skis, leaving you with the choice of how much time to spend with them. Some of the ski schools will provide lunch, but need much persuasion to confirm it for any given date.


Morning or afternoon group lessons (the latter tend to be warmer, cheaper and less subscribed, but obviously your child may be more tired if he or she has skied with you in the morning), can be great with an inspired instructor. Prices for group and private lessons for various ski schools are listed on the Ski School section of this website, under the Val d’Isère heading. They vary hugely, per child, per hour – and sometimes five children in a private lesson in one school work out cheaper than a group lesson at another.


When you ski with your children, you’ll find lots of long, exciting circuits they can manage, all on green and blue runs. Rapid chairs, such as the new Marmottes six-seater, have made the Verte and similar runs much more child-friendly.

YSE Child Discount:

Children 2-12: £50 off per week in standard beds.