Today's Photo


23 January


This is the latest Today’s Photo has been posted for a while. Was it worth waiting for - a quick snap from the Marmottes chair of the flatter bits of the OK, Diebold, Verte etc showing a few skiers with their hands in their pockets and some snowboarding hunchbacks? Even the very reasonable Marmottes restaurant in the distance, the rapid Borsat chair and the end of the new Carpe Diem sort of plastic tube thing that links the snow park with the pomas don’t make it an exciting photo. We can only assume that our photographer was enjoying this perfect day so much he forgot about us…

What is that tube for anyway? There used to be a cable tow. Presumably the park rats were getting cold in their seventeen knee-length sweatshirts full of snow and needed protection from the elements. And why Carpe Diem? Don’t tell us it’s because it’s a carpet!! Surely the lift company doesn’t have people who go in for corny international puns? We’d better employ them!





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