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Val d'Isere 30 March 2015

31 March


No-one knows how much snow has fallen, because they can’t get up there to measure it: there are 100kph winds at the top of Bellevarde, 100mph on the Motte!! Children and beginners are not allowed up the Funi lest they get blown over, but fortunately there’s plenty of skiing open lower down.

We were worried our guests would spend another day in their chalets, enjoying our wine (which costs us £1 a glass) and logs (£1 per log!). If the weather hadn’t improved we’d have been bankrupt by Friday.

The chain in the fireplace is, of course, so that one can close the flue when the fire is not burning. The traditional Savoyard chimney pots are carefully designed to funnel the wind downwards whichever direction it’s coming from, and cover the room in ash...





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