Today's Photo


24 August


Have you flown from Gatwick recently? How was it? We ask, because although we've always thought that Gatwick did a pretty good job for Britain's second busiest airport with the world's busiest runway, leaving from North Terminal should be really smooth now, with ten high-speed body scanners, space to re-pack one's bags and even polite and efficient staff (spooky!). It was certainly fairly painless when our photographer brexited last month.

But if you look closely at the picture you can see Gatwick's most exciting innovation: checking babies into Left Luggage for the duration of your holiday. The man on the left is just handing his over, while the woman on the right is rolling hers in cellophane for security, and if the lady in the middle is looking a bit frustrated, it's probably that someone else has gone off with hers and left the wrong one. They all look fairly similar, so we'd recommend attaching some distinctive ribbon or tape, or printing your name on them in felt tip.





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