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YSE Maintenance Rep


Sorry, we are not currently recruiting for this position

This is the perfect position is for someone competent, with experience of maintenance, electrics, plumbing, carpentry, decorating etc. You would normally own a reasonable toolkit already. You will be responsible for repairs in our chalets, or for identifying the problem when it is too difficult so that we can call in the appropriate tradesmen. You could be required to deal with emergencies at any time, day or night, and while you will have more free time to ski/board than other staff on many days, there will be other times when you need to work on until the task is completed. Applicants must show that they are motivated and keen, and have high standards and good time management.

How to apply

To apply as a maintenance rep, CLICK HERE TO FILL IN AN ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. If you do not see a screen confirming your submission, we will not get your form.

All staff enquiries, please email: staff@yseski.co.uk