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The information on this page will be updated for 2017-18 as soon as we receive it from the ski hire shops.

YSE recommends several excellent ski/snowboard hire shops, listed below. All have a variety of prices depending on the calibre of equipment you hire. We also give recent feedback on the transfer bus on your way to Val d’Isère.

We definitely recommend renting skis rather than buying your own. Rental skis are up-to-date, edged and waxed. You also won’t have to drag them from home – the YSE flight carries equipment without charging but most airlines and tour operators are not so kind. And if you want to change them mid-week – if there’s fresh powder, for example – that’s no problem.

Boots are a different matter. We think it’s best to have your own, but if you are planning to buy, do so in the resort. You’ll probably need something altered after a day or two’s skiing, and if you’ve bought the boots at home the resort shops will charge for this, but won’t if you’ve bought them from them. Try a few pairs before you buy – you may be surprised how much better you ski in one make than another.

WE STRONGLY ADVISE PRE-BOOKING EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING HELMETS, FOR CHILDREN TRAVELLING ON A MAIN SCHOOL HOLIDAY DATE. Contact any of the shops (not before December) saying you are coming with YSE. For skis, the shop needs to be told the child’s height. For boots, the foot size. Children will usually have to try on more than one pair of boots on arrival in the shop, but an advance order helps.




00 33 479 41 10 61
Email: service@snowberry-valdisere.com

Snowberry has brilliant equipment and service, highly trained staff and an efficient minibus service. While there are cheaper options for ski hire, Snowberry is the only shop we know guaranteeing that its Premium equipment is new every season. They buy over 800 pairs of skis a year, more than 80 different models at all levels from beginner to test, and 500 pairs of boots. If you have some spare time it’s worth reading their comprehensive website!

The Economy category uses last season’s equipment – so still only one year old – for a lower price. Economy is available only if pre-booked in advance online.

They have seven further levels of skis including the very best Expert and Test right at the top. Hence their claim to have a ski for every skier-type and the best range of children’s skis in Val d’Isère!

They take obsessive care with boot fitting, have a fleet of vehicles to ferry guests to and from their chalet, collect skis from the chalet at the end of the week so guests don’t have to return them, and is staffed entirely by English-speakers (plus a handful of Scots).

You can leave skis and boots with the shop overnight and just walk back to your chalet in your own shoes – particularly useful for nearby chalets Les Gnellets and La Moraine.

For online booking, go to www.snowberry-valdisere.com and quote partner code 71AYSE to activate the YSE discounted rates, up to 44% lower than the public prices.

PRICES 2016-17

Adult Premium (new) advance online prices, 6 days

Test €168.75
Advanced/Expert €153.75
Intermediate/Advanced €138.75
Sports Intermediate €123.75
Beginner €108.75
Snowboard Performance €138.75
Snowboard Sport €123.75
Boots €56.25
Helmet €22.50

Adult Economy (1 year) advance online prices, 6 days

Advanced/Expert €133.25
Intermediate/Advanced €120.25
Sports Intermediate €107.25
Beginner €94.25
Snowboard Performance €120.25
Snowboard Sport €107.25

Junior advance online prices, 6 days

Pro €123.75
Performance €74.25
Sports €56.25
Kids €33.75
Snowboard €74.25
Boots €30
Helmet FREE

Mattis Intersport


00 33 479 41 13 90
Email: location@intersport-valdisere.com

In the skiing epi-centre of the resort, on the ‘front de neige’ at the foot of the nursery slopes in the Grand Paradis building, Mattis Intersport is the longest-established of all our recommended ski shops. Providing the best-prepared skis in town has long been their raison d’être, and a state-of-the-art machine in their sizeable workshop helps them to realise this boast.

There’s a minibus service for driving passengers and equipment back to their accommodation, which the staff in your chalet can organise. Best of all is the delightful welcome from Marie and Mimi as you enter the shop. 2016-17 adult prices are 45% less than the public prices, but to benefit from them you must pre-book on-line using the code YSE2017.

Insurance is included but not against loss (though theft is covered). Helmets are free to anyone aged 11 or under, or €16.50 to hire for 12+.

PRICES 2016-17

Adult, 6 days (skis, boots and poles)

Top €140
High €129
Mid €119
Beginner €89

Children, 6 days (skis, boots and poles where applicable)

Baby (2-5 years incl.) €36
Child (6-11 years incl.) €55
Champion (6-11 advanced) €70
Junior (12-15 years, maximum ski length 1m55) €99



00 33 458 00 11 99 (Iseran shop) or 00 33 479 08 38 01 (Squaw Valley shop)

Email: valdisere.iseran@danisports.fr or val.squawvalley@danisports.fr

Precision have eight shops in the centre of Val d’Isère, highly convenient for YSE guests. The Iseran store is near the bus station, the Squaw Valley store is 50 metres from our chalet Squaw Valley, close to the church, and has a boot-fitting service.

Precision also run the Ski Republic stores at Portillo, Rond-Point and Val Village with the same terms for YSE guests. YSE guests get 10% off the public prices when hiring in the resort, and there are often better discounts when booking online in advance using the code YSE2017. The discounts vary depending on stock and demand so the prices given here are just a guide – but the sooner you book the less you pay. Also 10% discount off all retail purchases in their shops.

Overnight storage and one mid-week equipment change (for a powder day or a snowboard lesson, for example, depending on stock) is free of charge for YSE guests. Helmets are not included in the hire prices. Insurance is also on top: €2.90 per day per set of skis or board. Precision stores do a free minibus service to and from your chalet. They will pick up equipment at the end of the week but this must be arranged in advance. Ski Republic stores offer their minibus to the ‘satellite’ areas of Val d’Isère only (La Daille, Laisinant and Fornet).

PRICES 2016-17

Adult, 6 days (skis, boots and poles)

Top €130
High €119
Mid €99
Beginner €69



00 33 479 06 03 87
Email: valdisere@eskiador.com

The Eskiador Sport 2000 shop is in the tall white Portillo building close to our chalets La Grande Sassière, La Maison du Rocher, Le Vieux Crêt and La Croix. It’s a small shop with a friendly, personal service.

They do not offer a minibus service, but the YSE Land Rover can take you to and from the chalets mentioned here.

PRICES 2016-17

Adult, 6 days (skis, boots and poles)

Top €132
Mid €110
Beginner €76

Children, 6 days (skis, boots and poles)

Junior €53
Baby €33


Board and boots €128