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Ski Pass and Discounts


Val d’Isère’s lift passes cost less than in any comparable resort. Even in incomparable Cairngorm you’d pay almost the same! The hands-free electronic lift passes work beautifully, with your lift pass remaining safely zipped into an inside pocket all week. As well as the normal pass covering the whole Espace Killy, including Tignes, there is a Val d’Isère-only pass, but it gives 50% less skiing for a saving of only 5%.

Children under 5 ski free, as do adults aged 75 and over. All the little lifts at the foot of the Solaise and La Daille slopes are free to everyone. This is ideal for beginners, especially small children who can go up and down these lifts with their ski school or their parents, staying at the warmer resort-level.


New nursery slopes at the top of the Solaise mean beginners are no longer confined to the nursery slopes at resort-level (where the beginner lifts are free). They will, however, need a ski pass to access these higher nursery slopes. Evolution 2, ESF and Oxygène ski schools are offering a special lower-price ski pass for €139 (2016-17 price), available when you take a week of beginner lessons with them (morning, afternoon or all day). This pass is for access to the upper nursery slopes on Solaise as well as ALL of Val d’Isere’s lifts, even when you’re not skiing with your instructor. YSE cannot offer this special ski pass directly, but any beginner booking a week of lessons can buy it via the ski school (please check details with the ski school when booking).


6-day ski pass
MAIN SEASON 23 December 2017 to 1 May 2018
Adult (aged 14–64 inclusive)
€285 (approx. £242)
Child (aged 5–13 inclusive)€228 (approx. £194)
Senior (aged 65–74 inclusive)€228 (approx. £194)
EARLY SEASON 25 November to 22 December 2017
Adult (aged 14-64 inclusive)€256.50 (approx. £218)
Child (aged 5-13 inclusive)€205.50 (approx. £174)
Senior (aged 65-74 inclusive)€205.50 (approx. £174)
13-day ski pass
MAIN SEASON 23 December 2017 to 1 May 2018
Adult (aged 14–64 inclusive)
€533 (approx. £453)
Child (aged 5–13 inclusive)€422.50 (approx. £359)
Senior (aged 65–74 inclusive)€422.50 (approx. £359)
EARLY SEASON 25 November to 22 December 2017
Adult (aged 14–64 inclusive)€480 (approx. £408)
Child (aged 5–13 inclusive)€384 (approx. £326)
Senior (aged 65–74 inclusive)€384 (approx. £326)
3-day ski pass (for holidays on 3-7 January 2018)
Adult (aged 14–64 inclusive)
€148.50 (approx. £126)
Child (aged 5–13 inclusive)€120 (approx. £102)
Senior (aged 65–74 inclusive)€120 (approx. £102)


Pre-paid passes described below under SKI PASS OFFER must be pre-paid in the UK.

ALL OTHER ski passes are purchased on the transfer coach between Grenoble and Val d’Isère and then delivered to your chalet later on Sunday evening. If you aren’t travelling to Val d’Isère on our flight and coach, please speak to your chalet staff on arrival, and arrangements will then be made for the purchase and delivery of your ski passes. Ski passes can be purchased through YSE in Val d’Isère by Visa or Mastercard, or Euros or Sterling cash.

Please note that we are not able to buy two-week passes on your behalf. You must buy these from one of the STVI offices located on the Snow Square near the nursery slopes, at the bottom of the Olympique telecabine, at the bottom of the Funival at La Daille and inside the cable car building at Le Fornet.

If you are going for two weeks and one or both weeks have a Ski Pass Offer (see below), please call us to discuss costings. On certain weeks, it may be cheaper to take the six or seven-day Ski Pass Offer and then a six or seven-day pass rather than a two-week pass, though probably not if you’re getting a family pass. We’ll work it out for you.

We are also not able to buy the Special Beginner Pass (see above) which must be bought from the ski school you’ve booked your week’s lessons with.


This section will be updated for 2017-18 as soon as we receive the information.


These passes must be bought on the YSE transfer bus (see above) – they cannot be pre-booked.

Available to families of four or more on 6-day passes. Everyone must be related (spouse, child, grandchild). Maximum two family members past their 22nd birthday, minimum two under it. Those aged 18-21 must show a student card. Children under 5 don’t count because their pass is free anyway. All family members purchasing the family pass must do so at the same time and for the same number of days.

The deal is that everyone pays the child (5-13 yrs)  price, which is 20% cheaper than the adult (14-64 yrs) price. For a family of four with two under 14 the saving isn’t huge – just the adults paying the children’s price. For a family of six with teenagers and students, it’s pretty good.


For everyone, regardless of age, travelling out on 4 and 11 December 2016, a 6-day ski pass costs a flat rate of £146 which includes Carré Neige (see below). These ski passes must be pre-paid to YSE in the UK and will be added automatically to your Confirmation and Invoice unless you tell us you do not require a ski pass.

SKI PASS OFFER (2016-17)

PRE-PAID PASSES for these dates ONLY (2017 dates TBA):

8 January 2017 (6-day ski pass for 9-14 January 2016)
22 January 2017 (6-day ski pass for 23-28 January 2016 )
19 March 2017 (6-day ski pass for 20-25 March 2017)

There is one price for all pre-paid ski passes for the above weeks, which is £199 including Carré Neige.

These ski passes must be pre-paid to YSE in the UK and will be added automatically to your Confirmation and Invoice unless you tell us you do not require a ski pass.

Ski passes whether pre-paid in the UK or bought on the transfer bus will be delivered to your chalet on the first morning of your holiday before you go skiing.

Any special offers mentioned above are only available to those who have purchased YSE holidays!

By logging on to www.valdiserepass.com and paying a fee of €10 you can get about €11 off (5%). You’d then get a further €45 off next year if you spent more than €800 this year. It seems to be aimed at big families who visit Val d’Isère twice per season or more.


Nowadays we thoroughly recommend that you take out the Carré Neige insurance even though you already have travel insurance. All of the pre-paid ski passes mentioned above include Carré Neige and it will be available for purchase with all other ski passes organised on the transfer coaches. It costs around €3 per day.

The reason is that the Val d’Isère mountain rescue service has had numerous problems extracting payment from British insurance companies and now treats all British people as uninsured if they cannot show the approved French Carte Neige or Carré Neige cover. However well insured you may be, you will be brought down in a sledge if you are injured, while those with French insurance will get a free helicopter ride! This does not apply to life-threatening injuries, where everyone is treated the same, nor to short journeys with minor injuries, when a helicopter is unlikely to be called. Less than 1% of skiers get injured nowadays, but those who do are very glad if they have taken Carré Neige.