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23 February 2018

Val d'Isère 23 February 2018
Today is the last day for thousands of beautifully brought up Parisian children. They’ll spend tomorrow in traffic jams crossing over with thousands of other beautifully brought up Parisian children, while their decidedly less well brought up parents hoot, swear and gesticulate at one another.
Skiers who think they are in the know avoid Val d’Isère in February, because it will be full. Skiers who actually are in the know choose Val d’Isère in February. Not only is the snow wonderful and the ski area too vast to get overcrowded, but 90% of one’s fellow skiers are in neat little lines at 5mph behind an instructor. They don’t go off-piste. They don’t go to Le Fornet. They disappear between 12.00 and 14.30. They are much nicer to share the slopes with than the smaller number but greater mass of adult males snowploughing at 100mph at other times…