Val d'Isère Christmas

Skiing on Christmas Day

Wayne Watson of Alpine Experience writes, 25 December 2016:

Merry Christmas!!!!
Chris and I were the only ones working today as everyone else was enjoying Christmas with their families. I had a wonderful ‘Christmas’ ski with Millie, Red Ray, Penny and Michael and we skied beautifully prepared and empty pistes en-route to the Sachette. The Sachette was great ambience as we ‘sniffed’ about for various types and strips of good snow to get us to the bottom. Much has been ravaged by the wind over the past 36-to-48-hours and the Sache area is no exception, but there are workable routes down, which is significantly better than no workable routes down! (See photos)

I kicked out a little slab this morning, which certainly got Millie’s attention, and Penny commented, “well reacted Wayne” after I skied out to the side. We haven’t had any new snow to speak of but with the ferocious winds some snow has been transported in the wind and the Tignes area certainly has a more ‘hollow’ feeling underfoot compared to the Val d’Isere-side of the resort.

Gill and Katie have been skiing with Michele’s son Cassius the past couple of days and they’ve had a great time together. Michele is unfortunately out of action after breaking her ankle this summer in Spain.

We’re getting ready for presents now so enjoy the rest of your Christmas and stay tuned for more news tomorrow!