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YSE flight number: D8 9526
Airport/Terminal: Gatwick South Terminal
Check-in: from 06.30
Departure time: 09.15
Arrival time: 11.45 at Lyon St Exupéry Terminal 1

YSE flight number: D8 9527
Airport/Terminal: Lyon St Exupéry Terminal 1
Check-in: 10.30
Departure time: 12.35
Arrival time: 13.05 at Gatwick South Terminal

Please note that you cannot check in online for the above flights. Passengers are pre-seated in advance by the airline. There is no charge for checking in at Gatwick.

Infants under 2 do not have a flight seat but travel on an adult’s lap with an infant’s seat strap.


On arrival at Lyon airport you will be met by YSE representatives who will show you to our coaches. The approximate transfer time to Val d’Isère from Lyon and Geneva is 2 hours 45 minutes. You may buy your ski passes on the coach using Visa/Mastercard/Amex debit or credit card, euros cash or sterling cash, .

Infants under 2 are allocated a coach seat.


8-15 December 2019

We provide a transfer from Geneva airport to Val d’Isère (leaving Geneva at 16.00) on 8 December.

Please only book flights with an arrival time that gives plenty of time to get through security and retrieve your luggage, because our coaches will leave on time.

On 15 December we will provide a transfer to Lyon and you will travel back to London Gatwick (South Terminal) on the YSE charter flight (see timings above).

If you do not use the YSE transfer on 8 December or the transfer and flight on 15 December we will give a discount of £50.

19-26 April 2020 

Holidays this week include all transport except the inbound (UK-bound) flight on 26 April. On 19 April you fly out on the YSE flight from Gatwick to Lyon, and our transfer coaches take you to Val d’Isère.

On 26 April our transfer coaches will leave the chalets from 10am. Your flight back to the UK from Geneva must depart after 15.00.

Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper these flights are.

Please do not book flights departing earlier than 15.00. We cannot expect other guests to leave Val d’Isère early just because you have chosen to book different flights.

If you do not use the YSE flight and transfer on 19 April or the YSE transfer to Geneva on 26 April we will give a discount of £50.