YSE Travel


Various airlines operate winter flights to Lyon St Exupéry from airports other than Gatwick. However, most of them are not at times that tie in with arrival and departure of our own YSE flight from Gatwick to Lyon.

If a flight arrives at Lyon well before our own flight, which lands at 11.45 (or 12.55 after 29 March), we may be able to offer a transfer to Val d’Isère.

However, we cannot guarantee a transfer to Lyon from Val d’Isère for a flight leaving before our own (ours departs at 12.35, or 13.55 after 29 March), as we cannot ask 48 people to leave Val d’Isère early and spend extra time at Lyon for the sake of two passengers catching an earlier flight.

If you manage to find an early flight to Lyon with a later departure back (i.e. later than the YSE flight leaving Lyon), we will be happy to book you onto our transfer and there will be a charge for this. However, please note that if either flight is delayed or diverted to another airport, we will operate the transfer for our own YSE flight and this may result in your having to organise your own transport to or from Val d’Isère. This rarely happens but if it does, please note that we can only refund the transfer cost charged, and cannot be held responsible for extra charges you may incur.

If you do not want to take this risk, we can book your own dedicated taxi or minibus – please ask us to get you a quote.

We cannot take responsibility if you book transfers and our flight times change for any reason.