• IT / General Rep
IT / General Rep


We are no longer recruiting for this position.

The YSE IT/General Assistant is the ideal job for someone good with computers, wifi, printers, mobile phones etc. We have about twenty-five wifi contracts on three different networks, including some on 4G. You need to be able to connect the new routers and keep them working, help guests and staff connect to them, and generally troubleshoot. If the wifi in any chalet is slow, guests will want it improved. If a client urgently needs to connect to her/his office and can’t, they need help quickly.

You will also help organise transfer lists and getting baggage from chalets to the transfer coaches plus some other administrative work. Good spoken French is an advantage but not essential.

You will travel to Geneva Airport every Sunday to help with our bus transfers. For this you need to be organised, relatively numerate, and charming! A clean EU or International driving licence is essential. While some experience of driving off the beaten track would be helpful, but again not essential. Because you will be driving, there is a minimum age requirement of 21 for this job.

You could be required to deal with emergencies at any time, day or night, so while you will have more free time to ski/snowboard than other staff on many days, there will be other times when you need to work on until the task is completed. Therefore, applicants must show that they are motivated and keen, have high standards and excellent time management without the need for constant supervision.

In addition to a good wage, you will be able to ski on six days of the week for variable hours, depending on the day’s workload. We provide accommodation, food whilst working, a ski pass, a travel allowance to get to and from Val d’Isère at the start and end of the season and the loan of skis or snowboard and boots. There are two days off a week which may be given as one full day off and two half days..

For this position you will need to obtain an International Driving Permit from a UK Post Office. They cost £5.50 and you will need a card driving licence to get one.

Please read the Recruitment Overview before applying to work for YSE.

For staff enquiries, please email: staff@yseski.co.uk

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