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We are now recruiting for Winter 2019-20.

The cooks who work in our smaller chalets (sleeping between 4 and 6 guests) may be less experienced than our qualified chefs, but they must still be enthusiastic and have some knowledge of good food and cooking.

Once selected, you will attend YSE’s pre-season Free Cookery Course. This gives you three week’s cooking tuition in Val d’Isère, before your first guests arrive. It is beneficial to have done some kind of cookery course before, but this is not a necessary requirement for the job. What you do need is an appreciation of good food, a love of cooking and you must be a “people person”.

Chalet Cooks are responsible for cooking breakfast, afternoon tea and three-course evening meals with canapés to a high standard five days a week. Chalet work is hard, with early starts and not much sitting down. But it is also a great opportunity for cooks to gain experience, working in a supportive environment while cooking to a very high standard.

As well as cooking, you will also be responsible for the entire running of the chalet. This includes menu planning, budgeting, shopping, cleaning and ensuring your guests are having a great holiday.

In addition to an excellent wage, you will be able to ski for up to six hours on six days of the week and more on your days off. We provide travel to and from the UK to Val d’Isère, accommodation, food, medical insurance, a ski pass, and the loan of skis or snowboard and boots.

If you application is successful, you will be required to pay a deposit of £200 on signing your contract with YSE. This will be refunded on 31 January 2020 so long as you are still employed by YSE and haven’t handed in notice..

Please read the Recruitment Overview before applying to work for YSE. You must have a UK passport, a UK National Insurance Number and have worked in the UK, being paid through PAYE, before you apply.

How to apply

To apply as a Chalet Cook fill in our application form by clicking here. When you have filled in the form you MUST also fill in the Menu Planner by clicking here. We will not consider any application unless both the application form and the menu planner have been completed. You will receive a message saying your form/planner have been submitted successfully. If you don’t get this message, we won’t have received your form.

For staff enquiries, please email:

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