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6 December 2021

Val d'Isère 6 December 2021
This was a few hours ago. It was -11º in the village, -18º up high. The clouds have since cleared and it has warmed up a little.
Our first 70 guests arrived yesterday, and we’ve never known people so happy to get here. Entering Switzerland was a bit of a faff, as they checked vaccinations and PCRs, but no-one was turned back. The good old Swiss banned the Brits a week ago, then said we could land so long as we only stayed for an hour and didn’t breathe, then gave us a day with an antigen, then said it had to be a PCR… That’s the trouble with efficient people: when things go wrong they can’t cope. Not like us Brits who get confused when things go right…
Anyway, conditions are fantastic, the skiing is amazing, the powder is deep and light, and everyone is smiling.

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