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Winter 2020-21 with YSE

Should we have to cancel your 2020-21 holiday due to restrictions on travel from the UK to France, travel within France or the closure of Val d’Isère, caused by Coronavirus, or if France imposes a quarantine on visitors from the UK, we will offer a full refund of any money paid to YSE. 

Up to 20% discounts for successful insurance claimants!
We are so grateful to those who have successfully claimed on insurance for their cancelled holidays from 15 March 2020 onwards. You have helped us enormously. To thank you we will give you a discount of up to 20% on your 2020-21 YSE holiday. The discount will vary according to the percentage of your 2019-20 holiday you recovered.

YSE’s Winter 2020-21 programme
Most of the chalets currently listed on this website will be available for you to book for next winter. You may put a whole chalet on option for a few days while you speak to your party. Please email us to find out if the chalet you want is available. We will respond as soon as possible.

Individuals, couples and small groups who do not want to reserve a whole chalet can now book individual rooms at our chalet hotel Les Chardons. We will accept bookings from individuals, couples and small groups into other larger chalets from August 2020.

Our Early Booking prices for 2020-21 are shown on each individual chalet page and on the Prices page. These prices are applicable for the next few weeks and they will then go up and become our Winter 2020-21 prices.

Flights and Transfers

We will not be providing flights for any holidays during the 2020-21 season and, accordingly, the prices shown are approximately 19% lower than our 2019-20.

We will provide transfers from Geneva and back to Geneva at the start and end of your holiday, every Sunday, at the very reasonable cost of £35 per transfer (i.e. £70 return).

These transfer coaches will leave Geneva Airport for Val d’Isère and vice versa between one and four times each Sunday, depending upon the number of passengers.

Coaches will depart from Geneva Airport around 14.00 and 18.00 – please do not book flights landing in Geneva later than 13.00 for the earlier coach and later than 17.00 for the later one. 

Coaches for departures will leave Val d’Isère at 07.30 or 08.00 (depending on weather, traffic etc) and slightly later. We therefore cannot provide transport if you book flights taking off from Geneva earlier than 12.30.

Early booking deposit
To reserve a chalet, or a room at Les Chardons, pay a deposit of £50 per bed in your chosen chalet, or per bed in the room(s) booked. Deposits are fully refundable if you need to cancel for any reason until June/July 2020 when we will publish the Winter 2020-21 prices. At this point you will be asked to top up the deposit to £250 per bed and this will become non-refundable in the event of cancellation by you (but not if the holiday becomes impossible because of British or French travel bans as mentioned above, in which case YSE will refund you in full).

Squaw Valley and La Croix
Currently we can only take provisional bookings at chalets Squaw Valley and La Croix. The owners of these chalets are not able to give us the dates of their own two weeks’ holidays until July/August 2020. You can make a provisional booking at either of these chalets for a reduced deposit of £25 per bed, and we will let you know as soon as possible whether the chalet is available. If it is not available for your chosen date, we will refund the £25 deposits or you may book a different YSE chalet. For peak dates we urge you to hold another chalet just in case your chosen one is not available.

Chalet meals
Next season we will continue to give our chalet staff the obligatory two days off (this is French law). We provide breakfast every day – two of these breakfasts are self-service with croissants and pains au chocolat – and dinner with wine on six nights of the week. One of these dinners will be our Tartiflette supper which is included in the holiday price. Anyone preferring to eat out in Val d’Isère’s restaurants on two nights of the week can opt out of the Tartiflette supper and will receive a discount of £25 per person. There will be no cleaning or afternoon tea on the two staff days off.

To book or ask a question, please email sales@yseski.co.uk or use Live Chat during office hours. Please avoid telephoning our office: you may not get a quick response, because we are all working from home during lockdown.