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Arriving by car
Arriving by car
Arriving by car

Arriving by Car


Please see below (and on each chalet page) the parking availability at each YSE chalet. Some require advance booking with the YSE office, especially where there is just one space shared by more than one chalet.

The journey from Calais to Val d’Isère is 800 kilometres on major motorways, and can take around 8 hours. It is a serious undertaking, and when you arrive in the French Alps there are regulations regarding the tyres on your vehicle.

Between 1 November 2022 and 31 March 2023 every vehicle entering the Savoie region must be fitted with snow tyres, or carry chains or tyre socks on board. The police have warned that on snowy days only cars with chains or socks will be allowed up the road towards Val d’Isère, 4x4s can have snow tyres. If you are going to drive out, we recommend that you practise putting chains onto your tyres at home, because working out how to do it in the dark, in a blizzard, in a foot of snow, is a nightmare! They do make a huge difference.


Not all YSE chalets have parking available outside. The list below tells you which chalets have parking spaces, and which don’t. Where no parking is available or it is limited, you will need to book a space in one of Val d’Isère’s covered or outdoor car parks.

Travel directions to our new chalets Comtes de Savoie, Amadeus, Tapia, Otto and Patou will be added soon.

Les Chardons Building 60, Rue Nicolas Bazile. No parking, you can stop temporarily (preferably with someone in the car) to unload, then park in a public car park. The closest is the Parking du Centre.

Chalet d’Isère Building 440, Route de la Balme. No parking at the chalet. You can stop temporarily to unload then park at the Parking du Crêt.

Chalets des Neiges, Pentes and Pistes Building 204, Rue des Étroits. There is only one space available outside these chalets, and it is up a short but steep and snowy hill. 4x4s with snow tyres should make it; normal cars with chains might make it! When possible, we will try to help with a YSE Land Rover. Please contact the office to check whether the space is available for your week and to reserve it. Otherwise you will need to park in one of the public car parks – there is a choice of covered or outside parking available at La Daille.

Chalet Lucaval Building 766, Rue de la Legettaz (often called Rue du Club Med). There is parking available in the driveway for two considerately parked cars. Please notify us in advance if you will require these spaces so we can ensure they are free of snow.

Chalet de Pierre Building 57, Le Laisinant (à côté Maison Forestière). One car may park at the bottom of the hill near the entrance to the underground tunnel which gives access to the chalet.

Le Vieux Crêt Building 254, Chemin de la Ruaz.
and La Maison du Rocher Building 256, Chemin de la Ruaz.
Cars should not attempt to drive to these chalets as access is up a very narrow road and access out requires considerable reversing. YSE vehicles may be able to help with unloading luggage. You will need to pre-book parking in one of the public car parks, the nearest is the Parking du Crêt..

Chalets Pic Noir, Ptarmigan and Perdrix Building 797, Avenue Olympique. Main entrance is under a sign saying Le Savoie Hôtel, between the Fondue Factory and Sherpa supermarket. No parking at the building. You may stop outside for a moment to unload bags, but beware traffic police. You will need to pre-book parking in one of the public car parks – see above.

Chalet Charlotte Building 59, Rue des Leissières (the number is on the far end of this long building). No parking, you may make a temporary stop then will need to park in one of the public car parks – see above.

Les Gnellets Building 18, up an unnamed private drive about 250m beyond Rond Point. Space for one or two considerately-parked cars on the driveway, though you will need to leave keys so cars can be moved to allow the whole drive to be cleared if there’s a fresh snowfall.

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