• Children's discounts
Children's discounts


Winter 2023-24

We have moved to whole chalet pricing and in all of our chalets and children/infants are included in the whole chalet price.

In Chalet Hotel les Chardons we accept children aged 5 and over on the following dates: 17, 24 and 31 December 2023, 11 and 18 February, 24 and 31 March and 7 April 2024. On all other dates we accept children aged 14 and over but they only get the child discount on the school holiday dates above.

If we split our other chalets these dates will also apply. Children aged 5-18 will receive a £100 discount when booked into Chalet Hotel les Chardons or a split chalet when full price. We do not give child reductions on any chalet on special offer.

We will provide early suppers for children if requested with less rich and more child-friendly food.

For babies we will provide a travel cot plus quilt but these cots are only suitable for those under 2 years old. We can provide puréed food or solids for babies and toddlers. We ask that you let us know what food your child/children will want to eat during your holiday and we will do our best to provide this.

We charge £30 each way for seats on our transfers between Geneva and Val d’Isère for those under 2. Children over two will be charged the full price of £40 per trip.

Winter 2024-25

The following changes will apply:

The dates we can accept children, aged 5 and over, into Les Chardons will be 15, 22 and 29 December 2024, 5 January, 9 and 16 February, 30 March and 6 and 13 April 2025. Children aged 14 and can be booked on other dates but the extra beds in single rooms can only be used on the above dates.

The child discount of £100 per week mentioned for 2023-24 will apply only to those aged 12 and under. It applies when children are booked into main beds in Les Chardons and  other chalets when split, on the above dates. It does not apply to chalets with whole-chalet prices.

Please email or call us for further details.

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