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Tell A Friend… about YSE!


Our regular guests are our best ambassadors, and we would like to thank you for spreading the word!

To encourage you to tell your friends about YSE, we will reduce the cost of your own YSE holiday by £60 for each new client who mentions your name when booking. We’re assuming that your friends will be nicer than some odd or sod who’s found us via Google, which is why this works for us too.

The new guests can be part of your group or travel separately from you. Even if only two people recommended by you take up your suggestion, a small discount off your own holiday may contribute to your lift pass, or a new ski suit! Every little helps. Send us a dozen or so new guests and you could earn yourself a free holiday!

Send a group text or email to everyone you know (and like), and we’ll do the rest.


  1. To qualify you must make a booking for a 2023-24 holiday and have stayed with YSE before this winter. You will need to let us know when you came, where you stayed or the name of anyone else in your party as this will enable us to find your records.
  2. You, the former YSE guest, must let us know at the time of booking your holiday that you are bringing new guests as part of your booking (and so claiming the £60 per new client). Any friends who have heard of YSE through you and are coming separately must mention you when they book, then you must make the claim for the £60 per person when you book your next holiday. The offer cannot be claimed at a later date if no mention was made at the time of booking.
  3. The friends we reward you for cannot have travelled with YSE before.
  4. The £60 per person offered will only ever be “redeemed” in the form of a reduction on your own holiday – either this winter if your final balance hasn’t yet been paid or next winter. There will be no cash or cheque payment made under any circumstances.
  5. There is no limit to the number of friends you can introduce!
  6. Only one reward can be claimed for each new friend. The first YSE guest mentioned by the friend will be the person who receives the reward.
  7. Sadly, we can’t offer this reward if you make a booking through an agent or if the person being introduced has booked through an agent.
  8. If the friend introduced makes a booking, or is part of another booking, and then cancels, we reserve the right to reduce, cancel or claim back the reward according to the cancellation charges applied.
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