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We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic chefs to work in our larger chalets (8-16 guests) in Val d’Isère, France

This is the perfect job for an experienced chef wanting to enjoy a winter season whilst being given the opportunity to do some top-end cooking. Once we can see that you know what you are doing, you’ll be given a free hand to serve more or less whatever you like. The budget is generous and our guests are pretty foodie.

Our wages are good as are the tips our staff get for excellent service, and you’ll have lots of time on six days of the week to ski or snowboard. It’s a wonderful life. One of our top chefs is on his sixteenth season!

Even our short training course is more useful than you might imagine. Cooking at 1850 metres above sea level changes a lot, because nothing boils at the same temperatures. We ensure you have all the necessary information and skills to work in one of our chalets before your clients arrive.

Many of our chefs spend their summers working in luxury yachts and villas, an ideal accompaniment to working ski seasons.

Chalet Chefs cook breakfast, afternoon tea and three-course evening meals with canapés . It’s hard work, with early starts, but also a great opportunity for creative chefs wishing to work in a relaxed and supportive environment, where your menus are met with appreciation day-in-day-out by your chalet guests. There are two days off a week which will normally be given as one whole day and two half days.

We welcome applications from individuals and also from couples who wish to run a chalet together. For this to work, however, one of you must be a qualified and experienced chef and the other must apply to be a Chalet Assistant. Please complete the relevant forms for each position and send a covering email explaining that you wish to work together. This is the only combination of jobs available for couples.

In addition to a generous wage and the chance to ski or snowboard six days a week, we provide accommodation, food whilst working, a ski pass, a travel allowance to and from Val d’Isère at the start and end of the season and the loan of skis or snowboard and boots.

Please read the Recruitment Overview before applying to work for YSE.

How to apply

We welcome applications from both UK and EU passport holders.

To apply as a Chalet Chef, fill in our application form by clicking here. When you have filled in the form you MUST also fill in the Menu Plan by clicking here. We will not consider any application unless both the application form and the menu plan are completed. You will receive a message saying your form and planner have been submitted successfully. If you don’t get this message, we won’t have received your form.

For staff enquiries, please email: staff@yseski.co.uk

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