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While many of our guests fill whole chalets with their own families or groups, we have many regular guests who like to stay in a chalet without having to rustle up the friends to fill it. A holiday meeting new people is often just as enjoyable as a holiday shared with old friends. (Dare we say even more enjoyable??)

Our private chalet-hotel Les Chardons is ideal for individuals, couples and small parties, and while we have several chalets for just four or six, if you do want to book just a room or two – even just one bed – in one of our other larger chalets, we’ll be delighted to fit you in.

Piecemeal bookings can be problematic: we could end up with ten chalets, each with a single guest, stopping us accepting large parties that would have filled the chalets. And it would be rather a dull holiday for the ten lonely skiers!

Our solution is to allow anyone to book into a selection of our larger chalets, but reserving the right to move them to a comparable chalet if necessary (or make a full and immediate refund if preferred). If there were not space in a similarly-priced chalet, we would refund any difference if the alternative chalet were cheaper, and charge the difference if it were more expensive. In the case of single bedrooms, we may not be able to guarantee a single room in the new chalet.

Guests in expensive chalets would be most put out to find themselves sharing with people who had paid substantially less than them. However, because a guest booking into our cheapest chalet might also feel hard done-by being asked to pay for a more expensive holiday, we will carry over the same amount as this supplement to his or her next YSE holiday. So if we ask you for an extra £100, you have the choice of cancelling with a full refund or paying the £100 and receiving £100 off your following YSE holiday. (Most of our guests come more than once.)

In this way, the group which fills your chalet is happy, the big spenders you have joined can’t complain, you do not find yourself rattling around on your own in a big chalet, and your subsequent YSE holiday is even better value than this year’s!

If booking just a few of you into a larger chalet, please give us the ages of your party so we can tell interested parties who they are likely to be sharing with – though sadly we cannot guarantee compatibility!

On certain high season dates we accept children over five into our larger chalets when not booked by one party. If not having children in your split chalet is a priority, you MUST tell us at the time of booking.

We accept children over 5 years old into split chalets on the following start-dates: 19 and 27 December 2021; 2 January, 13 and 20 February; 27 March; 3 and 10 April 2022. Please email or call us for further details.

We are happy to accept bookings for single people (over 18) to share rooms in split chalets. In the infrequent event of incompatibility, such as when a snorer and a light sleeper share, it is the disruptor (ie. the snorer) whom we ask to adapt, or find alternative lodgings. Please do not book to share a room if you know you are hard to live with. Shared rooms are male with male or female with female.

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