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9 June 2022

Val d'Isère, 9 June 2022

Just what we needed! After the warmest, sunniest winter ever, it’s snowing on Val d’Isère’s upper pistes in June!

But for the first time ever, the glacier isn’t open for summer skiing. There was about half the average snowfall this season. And record temperatures in May. So there’s just not enough snow left to ski on.

Yet ask anyone except mad keen off-piste skiers, who had to hike a bit, and they’ll tell you that this winter was just brilliant. Val d’Isère’s unique combination of altitude, north-facing slopes, snow cannons and radar or GPS guided Ratraks somehow kept the pistes in perfect condition right through until 1 May. We certainly weren’t complaining about too much sunshine!

So are you safe to book a ski holiday for next winter, in spite of climate change? Absolutely, so long as you stay above 1800m. But beware: skiers resorts always exaggerate! Val d’Isère 1850 is actually at 1840m. Courchevel 1850 is at 1747m!!

Anyway, Val d’Isère is probably the safest place in Europe to book a ski week, and as it happens our prices are just out, we’ve got five lovely new chalets, and we’re taking bookings now!

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