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22 June 2019

Midsummer in Val d’Isère

Val d'Isère 23 June 2019

There was still a fair bit of snow beside the road above Le Fornet, and it actually got deeper on Saturday morning. The photo below was from the top of the Borsat chair, in a blizzard, just a few hours after the solstice. And there seems to be a snowboarder in it! What on earth was he* doing up there at 7.30am, seven weeks after last lift? It’s true some snowboarders go pretty slowly, but that’s ridiculous.

The good news though is that the worst is over, we’re past the highest point of this unbearably hot summer, the days are already getting shorter, and it will soon be time to step into those bindings again…

Val d'Isère 23 June 2019

*Yeah, yeah, young people, we know you’ll be shocked we said ‘he’, not ‘he, she, they, ze, hir or zir’, but frankly, it’s got to be a he. That’s the only gender daft enough to be snowboarding at dawn on the remnants of last winter’s snow with a faceful of next winter’s…