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8 November 2020

Winter is nearly here. Val d’Isère has started lighting up its trees…
8 November 2020 Val d'Isère
 and we’re lighting up our logs. It would be lovely…
8 November 2020 Val d'Isère
Except that we too are in lockdown, and even Val d’Isère isn’t very exciting when you’re only allowed outside for an hour at a time!
Fortunately, YSE’s head chef Murray isn’t the type to sit around twiddling his thumbs (unlike our photographer, whose thumbs are positively Herculean from eight months’ playing Scrabble against his telephone).
Murray has set up the YSE Cookery School’s online courses, plus a YouTube channel featuring all sorts of useful skills and a whistlestop tour of the world’s cuisine. It’s all interesting stuff, presented by a Kiwi so calm he could be used in an ad for Valium, and you can find the paid courses here and the free content here.
8 November 2020 Val d'Isère
So if you want to do something useful while BoJo and his boffins prefer us to die of boredom or hunger than Covid, take a look at our cookery school.

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