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11 July 2024

There’s still a few inches of snow beside the road to the glacier!

Val d'Isère 11 July

But it’s not delaying work on the new cable car station by the Signal restaurant. That crane is turning from 5am until 10pm to ensure that the gondola is ready for the season. No 35-hour weeks here!

Val d'Isère 11 July

It’s the same at the top, where the old six-man bubble used to arrive. They’ve even less time up here, because the road will probably be closed by snow from late October.

Val d'Isère 11 July

To build the bases for the pylons rapidly, this helicopter is delivering concrete non-stop while the weather permits. Here it is returning the empty bucket before picking up the full one:

Val d'Isère 11 July

And you thought all anyone did in Val d’Isère in the summer was milk cows, count sheep and pick flowers…

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