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Val d'Isere restaurants
Val d'Isere Restaurants


There is a folder in every YSE chalet describing the best 20 or so restaurants as suggestions for the chalet night off, or for a lunchtime treat, for every budget. We can send you a copy on request.

There has been huge improvement in food on the slopes over the last few years, which is good news for our guests, who only dine out once per week but eat lunch every day. Val d’Isère is now considered to have some of the best mountain restaurants in the Alps, including the Fruitière, Edelweiss, Signal (named best in Europe in one guide), Trifollet and La Peau de Vache (formerly La Tanière). And at valley level are lots of other excellent piste-side restaurants, such as l’Etincelle, Atelier d’Edmond or L’Alpin (formerly Les Clochetons).

None of these is ever cheap, regardless of how the pound or euro is faring, but you don’t always have to pummel the platinum to buy lunch. The Brasserie Grand Cocor, the Sun Bar, the barbecue at the Bar de l’Ouillette, The Marmottes self-service and Les Equinoxes (formerly Les Tufs) are all surprisingly cheap.

If you can discipline yourself not to feel hungry between noon and 14.00, that’s when the snow is best, the lifts are empty and the pistes deserted. And after that, the restaurants empty out.

In the evening there are around seventy restaurants to choose from, with a similarly broad price range. At the top end, two restaurants have Michelin stars: the Table de l’Ours in the Barmes de l’Ours hotel and the Atelier d’Edmond. There are several other hotel dining rooms as well as the piste-side restaurants mentioned above. There are literally dozens of perfectly adequate mid-range restaurants, including the Taverne d’Alsace and a few which are really cheap: Chez Marie, for example.

All YSE staff have Wednesday off. If you have opted out of our Tartiflette supper you can choose the night you eat out a second time, except in Les Chardons when this will be Tuesday.

Please see the Après-ski and non-skiers page on this website for more information, including a list of mountain restaurants accessible to non-skiers.

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