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what's in your chalet


Chalets vary enormously – by size, facilities, their various pros and cons, and location.

All YSE catered chalets are in Val d’Isère, France. All have excellent hot water and heating, WiFi, radios and hairdryers. Some are near the slopes and ski lifts, others are in the town centre. Some will suit quiet groups, while others are suitable for post-prandial sing-alongs…

The table below shows the number of beds, baths and showers, an indication of location, as well as whether there is a log fire, sauna or hot tub, boot warmers, etc.


The use of saunas and hot tubs in YSE chalets is at your own risk. YSE cannot accept responsibility for any accidents/injuries that occur during the use of the saunas and/or hot tubs. Children must be supervised when using these facilities.

Games Although not often required now that phones, tablets and laptops supply versions of all games possible, we do have playing cards, Scrabble, backgammon and chess boards available. If they aren’t in your chalet, please ask your staff for them.

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