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In our experience, every child’s needs and every parent’s expectations are different. We are loath to get involved with childcare, preferring to leave it to professionals, so we hope that you will speak to whoever may be arranging your childcare, meet the carer and go around the chalet together to satisfy yourself that they can keep your children safe in it. For example, if your child is the adventurous sort who will disappear up the chimney, the carer needs to know that and to be particularly vigilant!

The childcare facilities listed here have been used by YSE guests, but as we haven’t used them ourselves, we cannot give our own personal recommendation.



email: tina@jellyandice-cream.com

tel: during winter 00 33 679 76 95 95, other times UK 01483 338 601

The Jelly and Ice-Cream office is in the Galerie des Cimes. You pay per nanny, not per child. One nanny can look after up to three children if all are aged over 2, or two children of any age. All nannies are CRB checked, first-aid trained and highly experienced. Nannies are British or English-speaking. They also hire out baby equipment. A week’s hire of a single pushchair is €50. Childcare prices are quoted in sterling and euros on their website – we have used the sterling prices below.

2021-22 PRICES

1 half day (08.00-12.30/13.00 or 13.00-17.00), £122 per nanny (£152 peak weeks)
6 consecutive half days £662(£858)
1 full 8-hour day £225 (£260)
6 full days £1286 (£1502)

Babysitting, per hour
1-3 children, 19.00-midnight £22, after midnight £24, Christmas & New Year’s Eve £44
4-5 children, 19.00-midnight £24, after midnight £25, Christmas & New Year’s Eve £48



email: contact@village-des-enfants.fr

tel: 00 33 479 40 09 81

Val d’Isère’s skiing crêche and kindergarten is right on the nursery slopes by the Rond Point, where the buses turn. The crêche is for children aged 6-36 months and the kindergarten, for children aged 3-13 years, has brilliant facilities including a lovely play area in the snow for igloo-building and treasure hunts. It is run by one of our directors’ former nanny, Gladys, who makes sure that YSE children are particularly happy. They will also take children to and from ski lessons and look after them for the rest of the day. Open from 09.00 to 17.30 every day except Saturday. 

Please note that the Village des Enfants is already full for the period 26 – 31 December 2021.

Masks are required for all children aged 6 and over.

2021-22 PRICES

Half day (09.00-12.30 or 14.00-17.30) with snack but without lunch, €32

Full day (09.00-17.30) with snack and lunch, €66.50

6 days (09.00-17.30) with snack and lunch, possible siesta and outside play if fine, €345

6 days including taking to ESF lessons, plus the above activites, €319 (the price of ski lessons is on top of this)

6 half days (09.00-12.30 or 14.00-17.30) without lunch, €172

6 half days (09.00-14.00 or 12.00-17.30) with lunch, €259



email: info@mytravellingnanny.co.uk

tel: UK number 020 8133 3126

My Travelling Nanny matches you up with a temporary British or English-speaking nanny who travels with you on your holiday. On top of the childcare prices below you pay the cost of the nanny’s holiday, charged as a member of your party by YSE. The nanny must have a day off, or two half-days sometimes, during the week. Clear website.

2020-21 PRICES

1-week packages:

6 hours per day and 3 evenings babysitting, £475

10 hours per day and 4 evenings babysitting, £700



email: info@valdisere.com

tel: 00 33 479 06 06 60

The tourist office has a list of baby-sitters, though they are not vetted.

Finally, our chalet girls are always impecunious and sensible and can often be persuaded to help, but they have their own work and are rarely experienced with small children. Any such arrangement is entirely the parents’ responsibility.

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