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In our experience, every child’s needs and every parent’s expectations are different. We are loath to get involved with childcare, preferring to leave it to professionals, so we hope that you will speak to whoever may be arranging your childcare, meet the carer and go around the chalet together to satisfy yourself that they can keep your children safe in it. For example, if your child is the adventurous sort who will disappear up the chimney, the carer needs to know that and to be particularly vigilant!

The childcare facilities listed here have been used by YSE guests, but as we haven’t used them ourselves, we cannot give our own personal recommendation.

We will update this page with prices for 2024-25 when available, for now the 2023-24 prices are in place below to give you an estimate.


email: ester.moons@gmail.com

tel: 00 33 750 50 10 97

If you are looking for a mature, experienced and popular nanny to look after your little one(s) during your stay, Ester comes highly recommended by previous families. Well-organised and equipped with a flexible but no-nonsense attitude, she will give you peace of mind while you´re on the slopes. Fluent in English, French and Dutch, she loves to play games, go for walks or take the child(ren) to the pool. Always with a big smile, and loves to be silly (but can be firm when needed), she will offer to bring sledges, toys, craft supplies, puzzles, etc., to the chalet to enjoy in the evenings as well. She would love to assist you in making your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

2023-24 Details and Prices

As every family is unique, please contact Ester directly so she can quote for your family’s specific needs.

Also available for evening babysitting.

“Ester is a 1st class nanny. Can not recommend enough. Our children loved her. She felt part of the family”
Debra D. – U.K.

Ester was an absolute pleasure to work with. She arrived enthusiastically ready for playtime with our 2 year old. She even brought along activities and was creative in coming up with new things to do. Our little girl was always tired from a packed day of adventuring. If anything came up Ester was unsure about, she always made sure to get in contact and was prompt in replying to messages.
Anya S. – Australia



email: enquiries@jellyandice-cream.com

tel: during winter 00 33 679 76 95 95, other times UK 01483 338 601

The Jelly and Ice-Cream office is in the Galerie des Cimes. You pay per nanny, not per child. One nanny can look after one infant up to 12 months, two children between 12 months and 3 years old, or three children if all are over 3. All nannies are CRB checked, first-aid trained and highly experienced. Nannies are British or English-speaking. Jelly and Ice-Cream also hire out baby equipment – a week’s hire of a single pushchair is €50. By French law employees may work only 35 hours a week. Additional hours are charged at overtime rates, see below.


Prices are per nanny
36-hour week, hours taken between 08.00-18.30 each day, €1675
42-hour week, 42 daytime hours or 36 daytime hours and 2 evenings of 3 hours each evening, €2075
48-hour week, 8 hours on 6 consecutive days, €2325
24-hour week, 4 hours (half day) on 6 consecutive days, 08.30-12.30 or 13.00-17.00, €1200
1 full day of 8 hours, available only during quieter weeks, €415
1 half day of 4 hours morning or afternoon, available only during quieter weeks, €210

Evening babysitting, 3 hours minimum
3 hours, €120
per extra hour, €45


www.chaletdesaiglons.com  – the website is currently only in French – no English language version yet.

email: chaletdesaiglons@valdisere.com

tel: 00 33 479 40 09 81

Formerly called the Village des Enfants, Val d’Isère’s skiing crêche and kindergarten has a new name and a new website. Its location remains the same, right on the nursery slopes by the Rond Point, where the buses turn. The crêche is for infants aged 6 months to 36 months, and the kindergarten, for children aged 3-11 years, has brilliant facilities including a lovely play area in the snow for igloo-building and treasure hunts. It is run by one of our directors’ former nanny, Gladys, who makes sure that YSE children are particularly happy. They will also take children to and from ski lessons and look after them for the rest of the day. Open from 09.00 to 17.30 every day except Saturday.


Crêche (6-36 months)
6 half days (09.00-12.00 or 14.30-17.30) lunch not included, optional siesta, €247
6 half days (09.00-14.30 or 12.00-17.30) including lunch and siesta, €427
6 full days (09.00-17.30) including lunch, siesta and outside play if fine, €616

Kindergarten (3-11 years)
1 full day (09.00-17.30) including lunch and snack, optional siesta, outside play if fine (not usually available during school holidays), €74
6 half days (09.00-12.30 or 14.00-17.30) without lunch, €190
6 half days (09.00-14.00 or 12.00-17.30) including lunch, €286
6 full days (09.00-17.30) including lunch and snack, optional siesta, outside play if fine, €376
6 full days (09.00-17.30) including taking to ESF lessons, plus the above activites, €360 (the price of ski lessons is on top of this)

T4 Nanny


email: mail@t4nanny.com

tel: UK 00 44 (0)7564 624025
France 00 33 (0) 780 85 04 59

T4 continues under its new management for Winter 2023-24, offering fun and flexible childcare in Val d’Isère and Tignes. Full- or half-day nanny service, baby-sitting, swimming lessons, yoga, and a bespoke service for longer bookings. Clear and informative website.


6 half days, 4 consecutive hours between 08.30-12.30 or 13.00-17.00
peak €1250, off-peak €1050

6 full days, 7 consecutive hours between 08.30-19.00
peak €1950, off-peak €1600

3 hours from 19.00, peak or off-peak dates, €90
per extra hour, €35
New Year’s Eve €40 per hour



email: info@snowdropchildcare.com

tel: 00 44 7543 458 783

Snowdrop was set up in 2022 by experienced nanny Alexandra Bowen to offer childcare in Tignes and Val d’Isère. Pre-holiday consultation to discuss each child’s routines, interests and any specific needs or requirements. All prices include VAT.


Dedicated Nanny
hours and activities agreed in advace
35 hours per week, not including babysitting, £1322 / €1540

Bespoke Nanny
more flexibility with hours organised during the holiday with the nanny
44 hours per week, including 1 night of babysitting, £1930 / €2250

Half-a-Week Nanny
20 hours per week, no babysitting, £860 / €1000

Pre-existing booking, £25 / €30 per hour until midnight
One-off booking, £35 / €40 per hour until midnight
After midnight, £40 / €45 per hour

Finally, our chalet girls are always impecunious and sensible and can often be persuaded to help, but they have their own work and are rarely experienced with small children. Any such arrangement is entirely the parents’ responsibility.

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