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Ski Pass and Discounts – Winter 2022-23

PLEASE READ THIS! Regular guests may not bother, because they assume that they know all about lift passes. They don’t!! Everything has changed this year, and unless you read on, you risk buying the wrong pass or, worse, queueing for hours on your first day to buy one…


The public prices have changed. Instead of the per-day cost reducing incrementally for longer durations, the 6-day pass now costs the same as six 1-day passes (360€ for adults, 300€ for juniors and seniors). 360€ and 300€ is considerably more than the Winter 2021-22 prices, but buying your pass daily may suit you if you don’t want to ski every day, though you will have to buy it from the ticket office or a distributor each day.

The free pass for children now includes 7-year olds, an increase of two years. It makes sense to pre-order it, particularly if you are already buying passes for other members of your party.

The reduced-price pass for children is now for 8 to 18-year olds inclusively, an increase of five years.

As ever, 65 to 74-year olds have the same reduction as children, and 75-year olds ski free.

The family pass is replaced by a ’Tribe’ pass. In groups of between four and seven people, all paying in one transaction, a minimum of two and maximum of seven children between their 8th and 14th birthdays (not 14-years olds) receive a discount of 30€ each.

The 6-day pass now automatically includes a 7th day. This is of no advantage to people coming by air, who will arrive too late and leave too early to ski, but may interest anyone driving out, who can choose to start this 7-day pass on the day you arrive or use it on the day you leave. If you intend to benefit from this, we will need to know on which day your pass will start. (Please note, guests travelling out on 9 January and buying 5-day passes do not get a free extra day.) Needless to say, your chalet will not be ready before 4pm on the day you arrive, and we have to ask you to vacate it by 10am on your departure day so we can prepare it for the next guests.

There is no longer a pass for longer than 11 days. If you are staying for two weeks, two 6-day passes will cover you.


The prices can be accessed on the link below and are in sterling at June 2022 exchange rates. The simplest solution is to order your passes when you pay your holiday balance, at which time we will apply these rates. If sterling subsequently falls after you have paid, we will not ask for more, but if sterling rises by more than 5% before your holiday, we will refund you the difference.

Winter 2022-23 PUBLIC PRICES

All prices are for the full Val d’Isère – Tignes ski area

*  For all December 2022 dates, and 2-9 January 2023, our holidays commence on Mondays so ski passes will start on Tuesday or Monday for 6 or 7 days.

** The Tribe pass enables a party of 4-7 people, including at least two and maximum seven children aged 8-13 years, to buy passes for the children at the prices show in the furthest right column. Other members of the party pay the normal prices shown.

*** The Tribe pass is not available for the 5-day passes on 9 January – it’s for passes of at least 6 days.

# All prices given for 9 January 2023 are for 5 days – there is no 6-day pass available at the same price. If you wish to buy a 6-day pass to start on either Monday 9 or Tuesday 10 January, please refer to the prices shown for 15 January 2023.

YSE Ski Pass Prices 2022-23


All the little lifts at the foot of the Solaise and La Daille slopes are free to everyone. This is ideal for beginners, especially small children who can go up and down these lifts with their ski school or their parents, staying at the slightly warmer resort-level.

There are now extensive nursery slopes at the top of Solaise, so beginners are no longer confined to the nursery slopes at resort-level (where the beginner lifts are free). Beginners will, however, need a ski pass to access these higher nursery slopes. The price is around €40 per day.

For Winter 2022-23 we very much hope that the ESF, Evolution 2, Oxygene and Prosneige ski schools will continue to offer a great deal for a 6-day ski pass covering all the lifts in Val d’Isère and Tignes when you book beginner or almost-beginner lessons with them. Some ski schools offer the ski pass with 6 morning or 6 afternoon lessons, others only with 6 whole-day classes. Either way, it’s excellent value as the ski pass is valid both when in the class and also when not skiing with your instructor. Some of the ski schools we have contacted will add it to the cost of their lessons (which will then appear expensive), and others will charge for the ski pass separately. It is around £150. YSE cannot offer this special ski pass directly – it must be booked via the ski schools. We will update this information when we receive it.

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