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Chalet Assistants work alongside Chalet Chefs in our larger chalets. The Chalet Assistant is our liaison with the guests and very much front of house, so the job is perfect for anyone who enjoys meeting people and is naturally smiley and polite, even when dealing with the most demanding guest. The work is physical and tiring, our standards are famously high, and if you are the sort who can’t get up before dawn day after day, this job is not for you.

You won’t normally have to get involved in shopping, budgeting or cooking, all of which is carried out by the Chalet Chef (except for the occasional cooked breakfast), but Chalet Assistants are in charge of everything else. There is a lot of cleaning, hoovering and bed-making in the morning (though less than in most jobs, because we like our staff to be able to get out skiing in good time), then tidying up after tea, serving dinner and clearing it away. Many of our Chalet Assistants enjoy helping present the meal, and indeed many return the following year to cook.

We run a training course before our first guests arrive, and you are supported all season by our resort managers.

In addition to a good wage, you will be able to ski for most of the day on six days of the week. We provide accommodation, food when working, a ski pass, a travel allowance to get to and from Val d’Isère at the start and end of the season and the loan of skis or snowboard and boots. There are two days off per week which will be given as one whole day off and two half days.

If successful in your application, you will be required to pay a deposit of £200 on signing your contract. This will be refunded on 31 January 2022 if you are still in our employment and have not handed in notice.

Please read the Recruitment Overview before applying to work for YSE.

There is also useful feedback from ex-staff on the Staff Reviews pages.

How to apply

Only EU passport holders should complete the application form until we know if we are able to employ UK passport holders.

To apply as a Chalet Assistant, fill in our application form by clicking here. You will receive a message saying your form has been submitted successfully. If you don’t get this message, we won’t have received your form.

For staff enquiries, please email: staff@yseski.co.uk

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