YSE flight number: TOM 4758
Airport/Terminal: Gatwick North Terminal
Check-in: from 07.00
Departure time: 10.00
Arrival time: 12.40 Grenoble

YSE flight number: TOM 4759
Airport/Terminal: Grenoble
Check-in: 11.20
Departure time: 13.50
Arrival time: 14.25 Gatwick North Terminal

All timings above are local.

Infants under 2 do not have a flight seat, but travel on an adult’s lap with an infant’s seat strap.

Please note that you cannot check in online for the above flights (passengers are pre-seated in advance by the airline). You will not be charged for checking in at Gatwick.

On arrival at Grenoble airport, you will be met by YSE representatives who will show you to our coaches. The approximate transfer time to Val d’Isère is 2 hours 45 minutes. You may buy your ski passes on the coach transfer using euros or sterling cash, or a credit card.

(Please note that some discounted ski passes must be pre-paid in the UK – see the Ski Pass and Discounts page for full details.)

Infants under 2 are allocated a coach seat.

(4 and 11 December 2016 and 16 and 23 April 2017)

We do not operate a charter flight for the first two and last two weeks of the season.

4-11 December 2016: We will provide a transfer from Geneva Airport to Val d’Isère (leaving at 16.00) on 4 December and a transfer from Val d’Isère to Geneva (leaving at 08.00) on 11 December and we ask you to book your own return flights to Geneva to tie in with these transfer time (departing after 13.30), or, for £25 per booking, we’ll book one for you.

11-18 December 2016: Holidays for this week include all transport except the outbound flight on 11 December. We will provide your transfer from Geneva to Val d’Isère (departing from Geneva airport at 16.00) and you can book a low-cost scheduled flight for yourself, or, if you would like us to book your flight we charge £25 per booking. On 18 December you will travel by coach to Grenoble and take the YSE flight back to Gatwick.

16-23 April 2017: Holidays for this week include all the transport except the inbound flight on 23 April. You will flight out on the YSE flight from Gatwick to Grenoble from where our transfer coaches will take you to Val d’Isère. On 23 April our transfer coach will leave at 08.00 and we ask you to book your flight back to the UK departing after 13.30.

23 April – 1 May 2017 (8 nights): We provide transfers between Geneva and Val d’Isère in both directions but ask you to book return flights to Geneva. The transfer from Geneva on 23 April will depart at 16.00 and on 1 May the coaches will leave Val d’Isere at 08.00.

Obviously the earlier you book, the cheaper these flights are, and the less your holiday will cost.

If you do not book our transfers on 4 December and 23 April we will give a discount of £25 on the prices shown. On 11 December and 16 April if you do not use our flight or transfers in either direction we will give a discount of £50.