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9 bedrooms for 17-18 guests

5 bath(s), 1 shower(s)

Chalets Juniper, Jasmine and Jacaranda are spread across the top two floors of the delightfully retro three-star Résidence le Grizny, with Juniper occupying the whole upper floor.

The building is unusually spacious and solid, having been built before Val d’Isère’s narrow valley started running out of space. And its position is really good: the village centre is four minutes’ walk away, the ski buses stop nearby, and it is possible to ski home. Although the front door is conveniently close to the main road, the bedrooms are further along the building, towards the silent forest on the slopes of Solaise. Nearly all of them have deep east-facing balconies with impressive views of mountains, trees and snow, and noise is never a problem, unless it's you making it!

Juniper has nine bedrooms, ranging from cosy to very large, six bathrooms and separate, sizeable sitting and dining rooms. Two of the cosier rooms are discounted £40 per person per week (rooms 14a & b), while the smallest of all, 14c, has a very special deal: its double bed is sold as a single bed, but if you can inveigle someone into sharing it, they pay half price.

Juniper’s atmosphere is always fun. It tends to appeal to relaxed people, perhaps because from the outside the building looks a bit like a municipal library, or because with six bathrooms for up to eighteen people it doesn't attract the sort of guests who spend from tea-time to dinner-time trying to make themselves beautiful (it isn't normally long enough!). Or maybe anyone uptight is put off by those technicolour baths and basins. But however convivial the dining and sitting rooms become, guests can escape into the quiet of their own rooms, most of which are a good size - see room dimensions opposite. There is no TV (imagine trying to get 17 or 18 people to agree on what to watch?), but there is WiFi.

Rooms in order of preference (in our opinion)

Bedroom 10
Twin (13' x 12'6") next to the dining room with private bathroom (not en-suite), separate wc and balcony.


Bedroom 11a
Twin (13' x 12'6") with balcony, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedroom 11b.


Bedroom 11b
Twin (17' x 12'6") with balcony, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedroom 11a.


Bedroom 12a
Twin (17' x 12'6") with balcony, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedroom 12b.


Bedroom 12b
Twin (13' x 12'6") with balcony, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedroom 12a.


Bedroom 14a
Twin (13'6" x 12'6") with balcony, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedrooms 14b and c. 


Bedroom 14b
Twin (13'6" x 13') with balcony, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedrooms 14a and c.


Bedroom 14c
Single room (10' x 9') with double bed (optional bedmate pays half price) with chest of drawers in the room and a wardrobe just outside, sharing bathroom and separate wc with Bedrooms 14a and b. Flight seat not guaranteed for second person.


Bedroom 15
Twin (8'2" x 12'). Long, narrow room with large en-suite shower-room and wc.


In addition to the bathrooms described above, there is a spare bathroom with wc next to the sitting room. 


Dining Room
(16' x 12') next to Bedroom 10. Excellent room with a huge dining table, french windows to the balcony, and a separate kitchen.


Sitting Room
(17' x 15') Friendly room with five comfy sofas. WiFi.


Extra Bed
A second person can book into Bedroom 14c, making it a double room. This room can be booked as a double whether the chalet is occupied by one group or individuals/couples.  The cost for this extra bed is half the quoted Juniper price (not including any transport) and 85% of the quoted price if a flight and transfer are required. On certain dates we may not be able to provide a flight for an extra bed.


  • Whole upper floor of the Grizny building, a small, private résidence run entirely by YSE.
  • Ideal for large groups, small groups, couples and singles.
  • Amazing meals around the huge table in the dining room.
  • Large, relaxed sitting room with acres of atmosphere.
  • Large bedrooms, with excellent ratio of bathrooms and separate wcs.
  • Wide sunny balconies.
  • WiFi.
  • Two bedrooms have private facilities, four share bathrooms and separate wcs with one other room, and three share one bathroom and wc (£40 discount pppw in Rooms 14a and 14b).
  • Single room with double bed for hopeful Casanovas (optional bed partner pays half price).
  • On main road, five minutes past church, but astonishingly quiet.
  • Skiable-back-to and five minutes from lifts.
  • Buses to major lifts nearby (new Laisinant Express and all central lifts just two stops).
  • A chef and two assistants who live with other YSE staff on the ground floor.

2014-15 Early Booking Prices

Prices in turquoise indicate a Ski Pass offer available (including child discounts for Christmas). Please see the Ski Pass and Discounts page for details.

£   January
£   February
£   March
£   March/April
7 390
  4 630   1 690   1 690   29 950
14 640   11 600   8 650   8 680   5 850
21 790   18 630   15 1190   15 670   12 550
28 1080   25 690   22 670   22 660   19 390

These prices are per person per week in sterling.