YSE Best Tour Operator

Best Ski Tour Operator 2018

YSE scooped the top prize, Best Ski Tour Operator, at the Daily Telegraph annual travel awards, 2018. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and thank you to everyone who makes YSE the best, bar none!

Still Rude

We are very grateful to Rude Health for continuing to supply their delicious range of cereals to our chalets. YSE guests are enjoying Rude Health Soft & Fruity Bircher, Nutty Crunch Muesli, Cacao & Vanilla Granola, Honey & Nuts Granola, Spiced Apple Granola and Seaweed & Sesame Oaty.

Thank you Rude Health!

Lyon airport

Lyon gets the Nod

YSE has switched to Lyon St Exupéry Airport for Winter 2018-19. This ultra-modern airport offers smoother transit, better facilities, automated passport control, with the same transfer time of just 2 hours 45 minutes to Val d’Isère. See the Flight Details page for flight times, and the Lyon Airport page for more information.

YSE Chalet Thomily

Nespresso Machines in all YSE Chalets

Coffee lovers, please note: there is a Nespresso machine in every YSE chalet. For those who prefer cafetières, there’s one of those in each chalet too!

PPP exterior

New Chalets for 2016-17

Have you heard about our four gorgeous new chalets? Three are bang in the centre of Val d’Isère and are named after birds native to the area: Perdrix (partridge), Pic Noir (woodpecker) and Ptarmigan, and are causing quite a flap among our regular guests. The fourth, Chalet d’Isère, is named simply after the river that it stands next to, which flows all the way to Grenoble and beyond into the Rhône. Our beautiful 16-bed chalet, on the other hand, is staying put in its fantastic location in Europe’s top ski resort!

Hot tub heaven

Hot Tub Heaven

The hot tub on the first-floor terrace of our Chalet La Grande Sassière continues to be a huge hit. What better way to enjoy the best view in Val d’Isère – the moon on Solaise, a billion stars – than up to your chin in warm bubbles with half a dozen friends and a glass of wine? It has a waterfall, it has underwater lights. And it has an ozone generator which destroys bugs 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and kills viruses, which chlorine doesn’t. This thing’s as hygienic as bottled water. And a lot more fun.


New Yellow Jackets

We are delighted with our new Avalanche staff jackets – and so are they!

Free sat

FreeSat in Selected Chalets

We have always maintained that people don’t come to Val d’Isère to watch TV, but it’s true that there are certain cultural events one should try to keep up with, such as the rugby or EastEnders. See the ‘What’s in your chalet?‘ page to see which chalets have satellite or Sky TV.

5 star rating

Five-star review

Our website has been given a five star review, click here to read more.