Val d’Isère News & Updates


Another Summer, Another Vulture

The pair of adult Lammergeyer who nest every year in the cliffs above La Daille have produced another chick this year, their eleventh since they first succeeded in 2002. While the chicks are young, the via ferrata on that side of the gorges is closed, and paragliders are asked not to fly in the area. The photograph above isn’t the chick: it’s one of the parents. Eggs are laid in mid-January and hatch in mid-March, and the young vultures start their first timid flights in August.

Favourite Resort of the Year

Condé Nast Favourite Resort of the Year

Val d’Isère was voted Favourite Resort of the Year by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller this week. It’s been our guests’ favourite for years!

Val d'Isere 22 August 2018

Mobile Milk

The annual transhumance has happened later than usual this year, because the snow took longer to melt. The 80 cows of one of Val d’Isère’s two dairy farms came up last week to the high pastures, where they’re being milked twice a day in mobile milking parlours. Because of their diet of wild flowers, the milk is considered to make wonderful cheese.


Confessions of a Chalet Girl

Mary Nightingale returns to Val d’Isère.

We were delighted that Mary came back to Val d’Isère for the “British” Critérium de la Première Neige (the World Cup event held in Val d’Isère each December). We say “came back” because she worked as a chalet girl in the resort back in 1985-86.

You can read the article she wrote in the Daily Telegraph by clicking here.

learn to ski off piste

Learn to Ski Off-Piste

Telegraph travel journalist Clare Mann came to Val d’Isère last year to learn to ski off-piste. After trying four different ski schools, Clare awarded the good-value mainstream schools Oxygène and ESF 8/10, and the more expensive HAT and Progression both 10/10 (although the newspaper editor changed Progression’s full marks to an 8/10 – inexplicably). She stayed with YSE in Chalet des Neiges and describes how everything runs like clockwork.

Clare’s article was in the Sunday Telegraph on 17 February 2013.

April Fool

YSE Best April Fools Day Pic

Welove2ski have chosen our 1 April Today’s Photo, showing the sole surviving elephant from Hannibal’s crossing, as their best April Fools Day pic.

We are delighted!